With iPhone 7 Likely To Disappoint, This Fall Is Samsung’s Time To Strike

I wrote two months back that Apple seems to be putting much more effort into the 10th anniversary 2017 iPhone (likely named iPhone 8, foregoing the S branding) than the upcoming iPhone 7 that’s set to hit this year. I made that assumption based on early leaks from Apple insiders. While those sources are highly reliable, they are still of the “niche” variety. Well, now even the very mainstream Wall Street Journal (who also has a good track record with Apple leaks) has confirmed that the iPhone 7 will likely disappoint the general public.

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The Limit Does Not Exist: Where Light Resides

When Cate and I first put together the idea for The Limit Does Not Exist — a podcast at the intersection of STEM and creativity — I knew one of our first guests would have to be Danielle Feinberg. A director of photography for lighting at Pixar, she brilliantly weaves computer code, animation, the physics of light, and the mechanics of storytelling into her work on films like Finding Nemo, WALL-E, and Brave.

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