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I made a fully automatic, 3x3x3, tile-able pumpkin farm. via /r/Minecraft

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I made a fully automatic, 3x3x3, tile-able pumpkin farm.

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Verizon offering up to $300 to those trading-in their old phone

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Verizon has launched a national trade-in event where-in it’s offering up to $300 to those trading-in their old phone and purchasing a new Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, Motorola Droid Turbo 2, or iPhone 6S (16GB) on a device payment plan.

To be precise, a maximum trade-in amount of $312 is on offer, and eligible handsets include the Droid Turbo, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge/edge+, HTC M9, iPhone 6/6Plus, LG G4, and LG V10. Those upgrading their device will also get 3 months of HBO NOW for free.

An important thing worth mentioning here is that should you choose, you can also…

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Make your first 3 Samsung Pay purchases between April 15 and May 10, and get a $30 gift card

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Remember last month’s Samsung Pay promo for the Galaxy S7/S7 edge owners? Well, the company has again launched a similar promo, although this time it’s aimed at those who haven’t used the company’s mobile payment’s service yet.

If you’re in the US, have already installed and registered for Samsung Pay, but are yet to use it, this promo is for you. It says that those making their first three Samsung Pay purchases between April 15 and May 10 will be eligible for a $30 gift card.

The promo is open to owners of the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, S6 active, and Note5….

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It’s time for Microsoft to turn the Xbox into a PC

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It’s time for Microsoft to turn the Xbox into a PC
The Xbox One is currently a Jack of all trades. It’s time to master a few of them.

April 14, 2016 at 11:42PM
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Xperia X series pre-orders on the Sony Xperia Store will come with an “exclusive offer”

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Sony has announced that its brand new Xperia X series of smartphones will soon be available for pre-order from the Xperia Store. The announcement came in the form of an email which the company sent out to those who had registered their interest in the devices.

In the email, Sony also said that pre-orders will come with an “exclusive offer,” although the company didn’t reveal what exactly the offer would be.

The exclusive offer – going by the email – will only be available on Xperia X and XA pre-orders (as well as on the Xperia Ear accessory), meaning those pre-ordering the Xperia X…

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Minecraft 1.10 Idea – Stones and Gems via /r/Minecraft

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Minecraft 1.10 Idea – Stones and Gems

Video Explanation with better imagery.

I've been playing Minecraft since before the first Halloween update, but I put it down prior to the 1.9 update. But now with 1.9 out, I wanted to try and experience all the new content added to the game.

After playing through everything, I noticed an unfortunate trend with the game. Every time I would collect a new resource, I would just return to my base and make a farm for it. Over the years I've made farms for almost everything including Iron, Gold, Redstone, Slimes, Prismarine, Ender Pearls, Most all of the mobs. At the end of it I was just walking around from farm to farm collecting resources. But not all things can be farmed. I really enjoyed my trips to gather Packed Ice and Podzol, as it allowed me to venture out and explore.

Now back in 1.8, Mojang added 3 new stone variants to the game. Granite, Diorite, and Andesite. And while these new blocks added some life to the underground, more can still be done. I made this color chart showing off all the blocks in the game, but when you remove all blocks that the player can interact with, can catch fire, and partial blocks, you are left with something looking like this. As you can see, there are some rather large gaps in useable blocks, and it looks even worse when you want to use Stairs in your build.


Image 1 Image 2

My suggestion is to add more stone variants to the game. In my example I created 17 new stones that would be used to help flesh out the underground (Note: All of these textures are just existing textures photoshopped, so don't take them as an accurate representation of my idea). Currently, every biome has Stone, along with the 3 stone variants of Granite, Diorite, and Andesite. What I would like to do is split each biome up so that they have their own grouping of 3 stone variants. With this, you can make some stone types rarer by limiting them to more exotic biomes, while stuff like Granite can be used in placed in several biomes list making it extremely common. This would also add non-renewable blocks to the game and help exploration of the underground.

My second suggestion builds off this idea, but revolves more around the ore and gemstones of the game. Looking at the resources you can gather underground, you can farm almost all of them, with the exception Lapis and Diamond. Looking at the blocks though, Redstone, Lapis, and Coal don’t really look all that valuable. Sure they might be in game, but visually they seem rather flat and bland.


Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

My second suggestion is to add more gems to the game. Here I present Ruby, Citrine, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Onyx (Most of these textures come from stuff I found when googling resource packs, so I don’t take claim to these). Sure it is easy enough to suggest something, but how would they be incorporated into gameplay without disrupting established mechanics? My answer would be don't make them do anything. Currently in Minecraft, the rarest ore you can mine is Emerald, but they are completely bypassed by Villager Trading. I'd argue that the ore block is rarer than the item itself. With these new gems, it would add blocks into minecraft just for the point of making a rare, visually pleasing item. Sure, a use for them can be implemented. Maybe fusing a gem onto a sword or some gear could improve a stat like movement speed, base attack power, attack speed, or defense, but that’s outside the scope of my suggestion. As to where they would be found, you can split them up in the games various hill environments similar to how Emeralds are in Extreme Hills. Put Rubies in the Savanna Plateau, Citrine in Jungle Hills, Sapphire in Ice Mountains, Amethyst in Desert Hills, and Onyx in Taiga Hills.

Sure, players can choose to ignore them as they have no bearing on combat, but combat is only one part of the game. Minecraft is a sandbox, and players can flock to whatever game type they enjoy. Having more blocks just gives builders more tools to work with, both in creative and in survival.


Image 1

My last suggestion is smaller compared to the first two, but I feel I should mention it anyway. Back before 1.8, when you silktouched a Huge Mushroom, you would be given a spore block. After 1.8, when you did the same thing, you would be given a block that had the outer skin texture of the mushroom. While this is an improvement, it can still be tweaked more. My suggestion would take the current two Mushroom blocks, and split them into four. One block for the stem, one block each for the red and brown tops, and a spore block similar to how it used to be handled. The stem block would function similarly to how logs work, allowing you to change its orientation. As for the spore block, maybe throw a Red or Brown mushroom block into a furnace and have it cook the skin off. Just something simple.

But yea, those are my suggestions. I understand that some, if not most of these have likely been suggested in the past, but that is OK. Sometimes it has taken multiple suggestions by community members for ideas to be implemented into the game. So if you agree with any of my suggestions that I have presented here, please Upvote and like my video, or tweet it at Jeb, Grum, or one of the other Minecraft developers. I know that it still would be a long shot, but any and all exposure helps.

If you have stuck through to the end, thank for you reading!

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Moving from bleeding edge to cutting edge: How the blockchain will reshape finance

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If you’re watching FinTech disruption and how it’s impacting financial services, you’ve already been drawn into many conversations about the blockchain.  But your enthusiasm most likely dissipates when the term bitcoin invariably comes up. The much-hyped digital currency has experienced growing pains since its value spiked in 2013 and was later linked in the public’s mind with such unsavory players as Silk Road, the online black market selling illegal drugs , and Mt. Gox, the once-dominant bitcoin exchange that vanished under suspicious circumstances.

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