A Rather Amazing Thing Happened Today… via /r/Minecraft

A Rather Amazing Thing Happened Today…

To start this story, I'll have to bring us back about a year.

At the time, I was playing minecraft on my laptop, a rather weak device, but of course, it could handle minecraft just fine. I had started my first server, and all was well.

Things were going great, i got a good spawn, and had fine home for myself. A few weeks later, I found a saddle and gold horse armor while collecting sand, and I knew it was time to get myself a strong equine companion. Out adventuring I went, and sure enough, I got myself a fine horse.

The way back didn't go so well. You see the laptop could handle Minecraft fine, but on horseback at full speed? Quite the lag fest was in store for me. Such a lag fest, that just with my house in far sight, I didn't see the massive crevice that I ran straight into. Down went the horse and me, and there went all my stuff, and my brand new horse.

Fast forward about a year to today. My friend and I are building happily, the horse long forgotten. What does my friend see at the bottom of a nearby crevice? A fine horse wearing a set of gold armor. He survived the fall. We went down through a waterfall, built a stairs out, and off I rode to the stable which I had made all those moons ago.

Personally I found it amazing that the horse not only survived, but managed not to despawn after all this time. He was down there in the crevice about 50 or so blocks deep, just chilling I guess. I reckon I'll call him Joey, named for the horse in the War Horse who also managed to find his original owner after some tough times.

Thanks for listening folks, just felt like the story was worth sharing.

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Deal: Buy one iPhone, get the second one 50% off at T-Mobile

T-Mobile struggled so much before the iPhone was finally available for the un-carrier. These days, when it comes to aggressive promotions, the other carriers are always second or third to follow after T-Mobile.

Just in time for the iPhone SE, T-Mobile is offering a 50% discount for any second iPhone to customers who purchase any iPhone on an Equipment Installment Plan (Not leased devices). T-Mobile will send you a rebate in the form of a pre-paid VISA card for half the cost of any second iPhone, even if the second iPhone is more expensive than the first one.

Tech Grapple confirms this…

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Deal: $600 for black or gold Factory Unlocked Galaxy S7 at Newegg

There is definitely something special about the Galaxy S7. It isn’t often that a phone is sold for discounts and promotions not even a month after its original release. Let’s not forget the buy-one-get-one free promotion that all major US Carriers have been participating in.

But this is a different promotion, the international factory unlocked version (SM-G930F) of the Galaxy S7 can be purchased directly from Newegg for only $600. This is a phone whose retail price is well above Apple’s introductory flagship price of $650 (for 16 measly GB) and a phone of which has only been released last…

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