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Pacosite Timelime

February 20, 2016 Leave a comment
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How To Get Twitter Followers

October 15, 2011 Leave a comment

The power of twitter is being able to broadcast your message to a large following. We’ve created this infographic to share some ideas on how to get Twitter followers. The list focuses on ethically responsible ways to promote yourself. For more details refer to this article :


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Como un estudiante de historia ya twitter para traer a la vida la Segunda Guerra Mundial

September 25, 2011 Leave a comment

How an ex-History student is using Twitter to bring World War 2 to life
September 25, 2011, by Paul Sawers
WW2 On August 31st, 1939, Hitler ordered the invasion of Poland with the first moves scheduled to take place at 4.45am the following morning. During the night, German units posing as Polish troops attack a radio transmitter near the German town of Gleiwitz as a propaganda mechanism for justifying the subsequent invasion. And thus the war that became known as World War 2 was set in motion. Since that day, the events of the 6-year war have been regaled across film, radio, theater, books, magazines…and now Twitter. On August 31st this year, the Real Time WWII Twitter account sprung into life, reporting on events from World War 2 as though they were happening in real-time, 72-years to the day after the original events.

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Facebook, Twitter y Google+, juntas en una aplicación para Android

September 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Facebook, Twitter y Google+, juntas en una aplicación para Android – Infobae – TecnologíaSep 6, 2011 5:56

PMSocial Plus permite integrar cuentas de diversas redes sociales en un solo espacio, permitiendo a los usuarios revisar su actividad en cada una desde diversas pestañas