The Decline of the MacBook Pro

The Decline of the MacBook Pro
I got a 15″ MacBook Pro the summer before my freshman year of college through my school’s computer store. I used it for six years before getting a 13″ model in 2015. I’m considering getting a new one in the next year or two, but the latest MacBook Pros have become worse in many ways that are important to me.

June 9, 2018 at 12:24AM
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Apple Loop: Latest Leak ‘Confirms’ New iPhone, iOS 12 Drops Sexy For Security, WWDC Fails MacBooks

This week’s Apple Loop includes the latest renders of the new iPhone X for 2018, the hardware that wasn’t announced at WWDC, why iOS 12 stands for stability, the renewed focus on iPhone security, the disappointment of no new MacBooks at WWDC, and all the spoof products announced on the internet.

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Android Circuit: New Samsung Galaxy S10 Details, BlackBerry Key2 Launched, Google Pixel 3 Leaked

This week’s Android Circuit includes leaked hardware details of the Samsung Galaxy S10, the new camera for the Galaxy Note 9, the leaked designs of the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, the next step in the OnePlus 6 strategy, the BlackBerry Key2 launch, and the return of ZTE to America.

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Google allana el camino para la carga inalámbrica del Pixel 3 XL

Cumpliendo plazos para la llegada de Android P, los chicos de Google liberaban esta semana la Developer Preview 3 que confirmaba Android 9 y que, en su código, muestra detalles de lo que podrían ser novedades ocultas para los Pixel 3 y Pixel 3 XL, así como para la versión final de Android P que estrenarán los smartphones ‘made by Google’. Muchas filtraciones llevamos ya sobre los Google Pixel 3

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