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Mojang, Minecraft’s terrain generation is boring and needs to be improved via /r/Minecraft

August 12, 2017

Mojang, Minecraft’s terrain generation is boring and needs to be improved

It's about time for an update to Minecraft's terrain. Not the biomes, but the shape of the terrain. The current default terrain generator is flat out BORING because the terrain's maximum height basically has been reduced from y128 to y100. Epic terrain never spawns in any variant of forests, deserts OR taigas. All editions of Minecraft, including mobile and xbox, generate this homogenous terrain.

Here are the kinds of gems the old generator used to produce. In the days before the Beta 1.8 generation, amazing mountains and overhangs that generated all the way up to y=128 could generate in any biome whether it was a forest, desert or taiga. Think this is just nostalgia speaking? Think again. A landscape like that could never spawn in any forest biome in the new generator. Beta's terrain had plenty of calm terrain like rolling hills and plains as well; it was far from nonstop amplified terrain everywhere. The unpredictability of the terrain made exploration fun.

Today, the game's height limit has increased to a whooping 256. Yet terrain rarely goes over y=95 in any biome, even in Hills or M biomes, outside of Extreme Hills and Savanna Plateau M. And even those two biomes are homogenous in their own right, having only mountains and little flat land to separate mountains. The eye candy of cliffs and overhangs that Minecraft used to have are now gone from forests, deserts, taigas, almost every biome.

Why did it have to become like this? This isn't fun. This isn't realistic. This takes away everything fun from exploration and the danger of "daytime mobs" in shaded areas.

I'm aware that customized presets and mods exist that can improve the terrain. However that does not give an excuse for the default terrain generator, the one that mobile players and the majority use, to be this dull and repetitive. Despite everything added to the creative side of the game, Minecraft is no longer known for generating landscapes of eye candy. Who could blame the community for shifting its focus from survival and exploration to pvp and minigames when every world in Minecraft had become boring and predictable?

The solution to this does not involve adding more biomes or variants of biomes. That's what 1.7 did and yet it failed to fix the real problem that makes the terrain repetitive – the lack of height variation. Amplified everything won't fix this problem either. The terrain generator will not be varied until we can set the entire world to one biome type and still generate unique kinds of terrain ranging from flat to hilly to epic mountains. That's what a generator from 2011 could do despite having a limited number of biomes. Perhaps a good start would even be to paste all the new biomes and features over the old terrain generator and increase the height limit.

Mojang, please make the worlds of Minecraft unique and fun to explore again. This is more important than adding miscellaneous mobs, blocks and commands. This is something that can improve all platforms of the game.

Submitted August 12, 2017 at 04:16PM by Camouzone
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