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How Minecraft changed my life. via /r/Minecraft

August 12, 2017

How Minecraft changed my life.

Hello everyone, In this post I'll be talking about how Minecraft lead me to finding two of my life passions, and I'm majoring in one of them now.

So it was back in around mid 2011, I was browsing YouTube, and I stumbled upon a weird 90's looking game, so I clicked that thumbnail and watched the video. I was fascinated, you can build a house and live in it! what?! That video was about Minecraft Pocket Edition. So I went to my father and asked him to buy it. And I did, it was fun, slowly it spread around our family, my cousins started playing it with me, it was a lot of fun.

Later, I was looking at some Minecraft videos on YouTube, and I stumbled upon something that shocked me, what is this?! you can place doors that open and close?! Yes, that wasn't a thing back then on pocket edition. After some research I realized this was on PC. And my only PC was a 2GB RAM, 1.3GHz (or so) dual core processor notebook. It was horrendous. But I tried getting Minecraft on there, and it was… playable..? barely, but it worked, and I enjoyed it.

As I played Minecraft more and more, I started watching more Minecraft on YouTube. This is where I discovered Etho (Ethoslab) and SethBling. I saw Etho doing some redstone, it was game changing for me! That was right up my alley. So I created a single player world, and started just learning redstone alone. Forward several months later, Sethbling uploaded a Lua tutorial for ComputerCraft. From there I started programming some turtles in Minecraft, automatic farms and whatnot. At that moment, I decided what I'm going to major in, 6 years early.

From Lua and ComputerCraft, I started learning Visual Basic, then slowly started Java and Bukkit plugin development. But it was getting frustrating, the bigger the redstone builds get, the more unplayable the game gets on my notebook. So I decided to get a new laptop, for Minecraft. Having barely any knowledge in computers back then, the laptop I bought was still not the best, but it was fairly playable.

As time went by, I was exposed to the world of PC gaming, I downloaded Steam, and realized how light Minecraft is after looking at all those Steam games. But I was still not satisfied with the laptop's performance with Minecraft. So I thought about buying a desktop PC, until one of my friends told me about his built PC, and I never knew that's a thing back then. So I started looking into it. I started by copying his build, and when that build was done. I realized how great the PC master race is. Since then, I've been upgrading my PC alone, and I fairly understand all of its in's and out's.

Jump to present day, I'm a freshman majoring in computer science. Running a multi-threaded prime number finder script on my PC, thanks to Minecraft.

TL;DR: Through Minecraft I discovered my passion in PC building and programming. Which lead me to major in computer science.

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