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An older player’s probably unpopular opinion about terrain generation and how it could be made better via /r/Minecraft

August 13, 2017

An older player’s probably unpopular opinion about terrain generation and how it could be made better

I saw a post earlier on here speaking about how the terrain generation is boring and how the author thinks it should be fixed. I do agree that it is boring, because it really is I don't think a lot of people disagree with that. However, I don't think they should change it to be like the old terrain (think really early days with massive mountains in every biome and lots of overhangs). I think it should be made more extreme, BUT in a realistic way. What I mean by this is that massive mostly floating overhangs and floating islands are not at all realistic. I know I know Minecraft isn't the most realistic game or even intended to be, but I think that having realistic terrain makes the game more relatable to people when building and playing. It makes it easier to draw inspiration from the real world. Now I mentioned that It should be more extreme, I think a good example of this is the mesa (bryce) biome. It has a very unique structure but is also a naturally occurring geology. I think the rest of the biomes should be changed to realistic extremes with lots of different sub-variants to each biome to break up to monotony.

Pros of current terrain

  • Biomes separated by temperature

  • Many nice flat places for large builds

  • Oceans aren't too big

Cons of current terrain

  • World is 256, but max height is 100 for terrain

  • Almost no variation between each biome of the same type

  • Rivers aren't actually rivers

  • Still can get snow biomes by desert biomes

  • Few unique sub-biome variants

Proposed fixes and improvements

  • Allow generation to go up to ~150

I think that's a good compromise, if you had it go up to 200+ there wouldnt be a lot of room for building large structures above the world which really ruins the feel of an infinite world in my opinion but this still allows much bigger mountains.

  • Add multiple sub variations to each biome

Think of a boring 'forest' biome, now what if inside this biome there was a 'deep lake' and I don't just mean some water but vegetation around the edges and stuff like that. Now deeper into the forest biome we have 'old forest' where it is nothing but the bigger oak trees (or a new tree). Keep going and you run into a forest cliff face. Which could just be a large stone/cobble cliff and a waterfall down it. I think you get the idea. Now I know these would eventually become familiar with people but it would add a lot more variation because you don't just have 'forest' you could have a lake with a cliff next to it and maybe the next 'forest' over has a multiple instances of 'old forest' in it.

  • Bigger biomes

I know this is customizable and I think it should stay that way but I think that the default one's should be bigger, mainly to include the sub-biomes I mentioned earlier. it also messes up the realistic feel if you can see a desert, a jungle, and a mesa all in you render distance.

  • Make flowing rivers

I know there's mods that have done this so I know it's possible, They don't all need to flow, but at least some. You could also add 'waterfall' sub-biome and 'rapids' sub-biome

  • Rework temperature based organization

My idea for this is to have the temperature based organization in a repeating gradient. Now what I mean by that is that say at your spawn it is ice based stuff, now you head in any direction it gets warmer and warmer until you peak at desert/mesa biomes, then it gets colder again. It wouldn't be in lines cross the world but circular patters that might be 10,000 blocks across to go from an ice 'pole' to the next 'ice pole' The ice area grouping would be big enough that there would be no need to go find another, and they wouldn't be in perfect patterns, just rough placement. I know no one wants all ice biomes 5000+ blocks away from a desert biome so it would need variation, maybe that could be a custom setting. I really love this idea I hope some others do too.

  • Extreme-realistic terrain generation

Take examples from the real world of very interesting and unique generation for the game. I think ravines are ugly, but take 2 mountains or two plateaus and put a canyon between them = 10x better. Maybe massive tree variations for each biome, maybe a mountain biome that's very spiky and difficult to build in, maybe a forest that was knocked down from a tornado, maybe a charred land that's in the aftermath of a forest fire.

  • Height variance regardless of biome

I was reminded of this idea by /u/PhilosophicalHobbit The idea is to not have each biome restricted to being at certain Y values. Each biome should vary in height more than they do now. You could have mountainous deserts, flat deserts, or mixed deserts etc. Extreme hills would still be the tallest, plains would probably still be the flattest, but it would add an element of uniqueness.

I will edit this if people have suggestions! Let's discuss and remain civil, everyone's opinion is valid. Nothing would make me happier than to have 1.14 or something like that be completely about terrain tweaks.

Thanks for reading 🙂

TLDR; I think I have some really good ideas about how Minecraft's terrain could be made 100x better along with my reasons why.

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