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The psychology behind cheating and griefing via /r/Minecraft

August 11, 2017

The psychology behind cheating and griefing

I know this post will be downvoted to hell and probably removed, but I feel I should put this out there. I used to be a cheater and griefer. People dont seem to understand the true reason, and they just think "Because they suck/jealous" "Because they have no life", etc, but that is not true. In my experience, it is more like the motivations for trolling: To get a reaction out of people. Its like playing god. I dont really do it anymore, but I'll explain why I did it and the psychology behind cheating. I am not everybody. Who knows, maybe some people really do suck and just like to win.

The reason they cheat is not because they like winning, but more like the feeling of messing with people. When they cheat, they get a sense of superiority. Imagine being unstoppable, no matter what people do. A godlike feeling that you can do whatever you want and nobody can change that. An advantage you know nobody else has that you do. But why real people? Its just not the same to cheat against mobs or AI. You arent messing with people, and its not the same feeling to dominate a bunch of bots rather than people.

Now onto griefing. People grief for the reaction of people, and the same helpless feeling that nobody can stop them from destroying everything. Imagine an alien invasion, and you are the aliens. Think about why Avo and iCHG grief. Are they bad at building? No. They like to fuck with people because they see it as fun to watch everybody freak out that their whole server is being destroyed. They dont really care about destroying the server, they want to hear everybody freak out about it. If griefers really were jealous of great builds they'd download maps and blow them up in singleplayer for their own amusement.

What can people do to prevent it from happening? Just ban them and dont react. That kills the whole purpose people have for cheating. By shouting "HACKER!!!!" or "STOP!!!!!!!", you are feeding the trolls, and the best way to get rid of trolls is to starve them. These people are just trolls on the inside. They get off on the reaction, and see getting banned as a personal goal. What's the point if continuing if nobody is reacting?

TL;DR: They like to mess with people and feel superior. They're trolls.

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