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All The Mob Heads Loot Tables – 130 heads, 1 advancement, and lots of work ahead of you!! via /r/Minecraft

August 10, 2017

All The Mob Heads Loot Tables – 130 heads, 1 advancement, and lots of work ahead of you!!

So, if you've followed this subreddit for awhile, you've seen the many updates and improvements to Xisuma's Mob Head loot tables, basically every since they were created. I've been working hard on this as a MEGA update for you guys, especially with the release of the Even More Mob Heads loot tables, which made adding new heads slightly more difficult, but more options that I could do with them.

Now, some things you should know:

  • Everything in these loot tables is intentionally done, and there should not be any bugs, as it's been heavily tested.

  • To add on to the above, here's an example: You can get collared wolf heads at a 100% drop no matter how the wolf dies. That's completely intentional, and it's so the player can use the head as a memorial of some sort, and to remove the need to kill hundreds of tamed wolves just for the heads.

  • If any mob is killed by a charged creeper, it will drop its head, custom or not, guaranteed.

  • None of the existing loot tables have been tampered with besides the addition of the heads.

  • Unfortunately, any loot tables at all are not compatible with mods that change the drops of vanilla mobs, or other loot tables that may overwrite the loot tables of another.

  • The screaming ghast head and the angry vex head are obtained by killing the ghast and vex respectively, albeit with a lower chance of dropping then the normal ghast and vex head.

  • The drop chances of the heads not in X's loot tables are as similar as possible to what they would be if in his loot tables by estimate.

  • These loot tables do not stop things like records dropping from creepers killed by skeletons or zombie/skeleton/creeper heads dropping if killed by charged creepers.

How to install:

1.) navigate to .minecraft

2.) go into the saves folder

3.) choose the world save you want to install them into

4.) drop the data folder into it.

If it asks if you want overwrite ANYTHING, then you may have other loot tables installed, which means you need to decide whether or not to add these or not.

About the advancement:

No new tabs are added, and won't notice the advancement at first. You need to obtain the 'Kill All Mobs' advancement before you can see it. There are a whopping 126 heads you need to get before you can get the achievement.

You may notice I said 130 in the title. That's because there are 3 heads unobtainable in survival which do not count towards the advancement, and the trophy which takes us to 130.

If you complete the advancement, you'll get a total of 250 levels for your hard work, and a trophy golden steve head that you can only obtain 1 of.

Album of all the heads, can be used as a checklist: http://ift.tt/2vRVGKO

Note it's missing the angry vex head, as it was a last minute addition.

The download (finally): http://ift.tt/2usE057


Xisuma's team behind the original and official loot tables

Tryashtar for helping with some command issues

/u/rxgamer10 for creating the advancement in the first place

/u/EarlyReflex for helping in the past in the last update with the advancement

Multiple people on the TTB discord who helped with ideas

Me (of course) for putting this all together and creating many heads that did not exist for the purpose of these loot tables.

And last, but not least, you guys for supporting and using this loot table!

I don't think I missed anything, so chances are any questions are most likely answered in the post. Thanks!

Submitted August 10, 2017 at 08:11AM by super-meme-maker
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