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[Suggestion] Oceanic Tectonic Plates- A new caving enviornment inspired by the geology of our planet via /r/Minecraft

August 8, 2017

[Suggestion] Oceanic Tectonic Plates- A new caving enviornment inspired by the geology of our planet

We all know that Minecraft is in need of a mining update. This was something brought up recently by u/lucariomaster2 in a post that got 11.1k upvotes on r/Minecraft. So I've been working on this little idea for a while and what better time to jump on a bandwagon and throw around some ideas. I already posted this to r/minecraftsugestions and it did below expectations (probably because its just a very long report and nobody read it). So I'm posting to the main because with a larger following, lets be honest, this will get seen far more on here than on the suggestion board. So here is the suggestion.

The current geology (characteristics of the stone ores and everything else underground) is quite fruitful in my opinion but i still think mining could go a little further. So instead of making the current world's underground messy with new ores and caves, lets take a different route. Lets add to mining by creating an entirely new geological composition under the ocean. An idea inspired by real world science and the physics of our planet. So stick around, you might learn something.  

The Science…

To understand what I'm about to dive into, we must all know the science. The earth's crust is divided up into free floating tectonic plates that move along the magma of the mantle. Thats high school knowledge certainly but one major thing I took from a college class is that there are two different kinds of crust, Continental and Oceanic  

Continental crust is the less dense, thicker crust being up to 70km thick and it has a generally granitic composition (more or less. Of course there is also countless other stone in countless other situations but thats besides the point). And obviously it makes up continents. Then there is oceanic crust that is anywhere from 7-5 km thick and has a generally basaltic composition, and obviously it makes up the ocean floor and everything from there down into the mantle.   

We can already apply this science to the world of minecraft and draw striking similarities between Continental Crust and the current world we have underground. We have a world made of pure light grey stone that has been theorized and accepted (by me at least) to be rhyollite which is an extrusive form of granite. This stone contains pockets of igneous rocks such as granite itself and this mass has the potential to be very thick in some regions forming mountains from the bottom of the world to the very top limit. The current underground world of Minecraft matches the description of continental crust down to the button. And by realizing that we already have what we can call continental crust already in Minecraft, we can focus in the new thing, the addition to mining by recreating the geology under the ocean to fit the characteristics of the oceanic crust.

The In-game Geology

And now we get into the new stuff and what this science can add to the world. How can we incorporate the oceanic crust into a world that would add significantly to the overall mining experience?     

As mentioned before, oceanic crust is thinner and is made of a more dense stone of a basaltic composition. So we're looking at a new type of stone to fill this area the way that normal grey stone currently fills the entirety of the overworld.   

Lets call this stone Basaltic Stone for now. Its a bit darker than your normal continental stone. And staying true to the science, this stone is a bit harder to break and has higher blast resistance too. We give it its own gravel to match in the caves, and its own cobblestone and stone bricks too, all for consistency with the normal stone. And in the end, we get something like this with this new basaltic stone replacing all stone under the ocean. In addition, its dark varient of gravel replaces the current gravel on the ocean floor, thus making the ocean look darker and deeper.

So it makes up the entirety of the ocean. But the rewards for mining below the ocean will be worth the effort of breaking your way through as we get into the ores.   

Ores and Treasures

Since this new area has a completely different geology, none of your normal ores will spawn here, except maybe diamonds. Now to be honest, I don't know what ores specifically appear in basalt or it's extrusive counterpart: Gabbro. Suggest some if you're a geologist. But that doesn't stop us from coming up with interesting ideas.   


First up is Malachite. Malachite ore spawns in the basaltic stone at roughly the same rate as lapis. It is green and has a vibrant pattern and it would look amazing as a block, especially with these new texture changes in 1.13. 

One ore drops 1-2 item of malachite. Malachite can be used for enchanting in the same way Lapis can. When using this instead of lapis, the enchantments will always be one teir higher than it would be if you used lapis and will give the tool a green enchantment glint instead of the normal purple glint.

A Block of Malachite takes 9 items to craft. Its colors and strips are hypnotizing and once a mob is caught looking at the block, it can't take it's eyes off. You can incorporate malachite blocks into your build for protection as all monsters will be locked in a trance with its rippling waving pattern and thus totally vulnerable.   

Oceanic Iron…

Another type of ore we have is… Iron Ore! Trust me, this is a new type of iron and I'll explain why: Oceanic Iron Ore spawns at the same rate as normal iron spawns in the normal stone. When mined, instead of giving you a normal block of ore, you will get 1-2 Iron Powder items instead. You can craft 8 of these iron powders together with cobblestone to yeild one iron ore, but that would just be a waste.   

Instead you can craft 8 of these iron powders with 1 block of coal in order to get Steel Gravel.

Steel Gravel and Metal… 

Steel Gravel is the starting point of steel. Steel is an iron alloy mixed with carbon so the recipe with the coal block makes sense. It is also just like normal gravel. You place it and it can fall. But unlike normal gravel, it his harder to break and it is extremely heavy. When dropped from high enough it can completely break through transparent blocks like glass and cobwebs. Naturally it will also cause damage when dropped onto something. When you smelt Steel Gravel in a furnace, you will get back one steel ingot.   

Tool and Armor Upgrades with Steel….   

Here I am going off on a tangent with steel but whatever, man. Its a big suggestion and honestly thanks for reading this far!  

I'm not going to say that steel makes tools and armor because its an unoriginal and boring idea. Instead, Steel is going to gives a lot of small buffs to your tool and armor sets.   

Armor Plating

First up, you can plate your armor. By crafting a piece of armor with 9 8 steel ingots, you will get Plated Armor or whatever kind of armor it is. What this does is it simply raises the stats of that piece of armor to that of it's diamond counterpart (it doesn't work on diamond armor obviously). This way you can wear any armor that you want but also be evenly matched with other players wearing diamond armor. There would be two seperate crafting recipes that allows the plating to show outside in a stylish fashion and another so that it is hidden underneath. Inb4 "you'll never have to mine diamonds again" considering the amount of iron powder you'll have to dig through to find, and the amount of coal you need, i highly doubt a player won't just go for the real diamonds first.

Tool enhancement

Steel can also be used as A Stronger Tool Handle. Two steel ingots can be crafted into 3 Steel Rods. Use them in the place of sticks when crafting tools and the resulting Steel Handled tool now has 25% more durability on top of the unbreaking enchantment too.


So we covered what exactly this new sub ocean world would be and a couple things we could possibly find there. But now lets talk about the different land formations you can find in this dark basaltic world.  

Now of course, Oceanic crust isn't under every single region of the ocean and Continental crust isn't under every region of land. There are some exceptions. For instance, Hawaii is what we would call a Hot Spot. The entire island is the result of constantly erupting undersea volcanos that spill upon themselves and building themselves higher and higher until they eventually become above water mountains. I'm not going to straight out throw VOLCANO BIOMES at you though. Again, too many suggestions just ask for that. But lets see where science can take us. 

Black Islands

Once in a while, an island will spawn having this basaltic geology instead of the normal geology. Survival on such an island will be very challenging. Not only because the stone is harder to mine through but also because the absence of coal will force you to rely on chsrcoal and it will take a lot more work to find iron considering the new way it spawns in this area.

Black Mountain

..okay this is more or less a volcano. But this is a varient of extreme hills with the new basaltic geology of course. Lava springs spawn considerable more frequently.

Black Desert

A completely new "desert" type biome made of black gravel and basaltic stone with lava pools spawning everywhere. I would look something like this. Maybe here you could find those unfinished netherportals or obsidian dungeons.


And thats about it. Thanks, I really appreciate you reading all the way through and seeing this little scientific journey to the end. Tell me what you think of the idea. I tried to find a balance between realism and gameplay and I think it worked out pretty well. We made a completely new geology for the ocean with some interesting occurences when it meets land. All with two new ores and all their own uses too and most importantly, it adds a whole new world to mine in with endless potential of expansion.

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