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Thanks for f*ing me over Sony via /r/Minecraft

June 12, 2017

Thanks for f*ing me over Sony

Short rant. I know no one cares but I have it in me to write this out and where else would be better?

I hope these Sony motherfkers see this. I've been with you dicks since Oddworld Abe's Odyssey in '97. I've defended you in SO many arguments with gamers from other platform origins SO many times over the years repping Sony like I was a biblical crusader or something. I've had one of every generation of station ever, never breaking or losing one. How dare you have the audacity to refuse Minecraft's open hand to unite gamers across platforms because of your fear of Microsoft smudging you out with its thumb drive? -_- And then on top of that not even getting the 4K update? Fck you guys, I'm becoming a PC gamer and making big Billiam Gates my wallpaper on that sh*t.

tl;dr – F*CK YOU SONY

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