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[Concept Suggestion] A way to optimize terrain generation for long lasting exploration after 1.13. via /r/Minecraft

June 12, 2017

[Concept Suggestion] A way to optimize terrain generation for long lasting exploration after 1.13.

This idea is going to be long.

But you can skip the italicized section if you want and just go straight to the idea.

I just want to let you know first that idea that I'm about to propose is something that I talked about back in february in a post titled "The Problem with Terrain Generation and a Solution that could Create Diversity within Biomes Themselves".

I since deleted that post for reasons but I was inspired to recreate it because a youtuber Jragon pitched a very similar idea. He then made a response video explaining that its just an idea and the game's current code might not be able to pull it off.

But with rumors going around that 1.13 will focus on game optimization and perhaps changes to the game's core code, I thought, why not bring my version of the concept here to Reddit and see what I can add to it in hopes that Minecraft's code could pull it off after 1.13. So without further ado, here it is.

The Idea

Minecraft's terrain generates using a Perlin Noise map. It is only used to generate the shape of the terrain. Not the biomes, or anything else. But with this current system, the terrain is just very repetitive. And I think the source of the problem is that every forest looks like every other forest. You've seen one biome, you can't expect anything new if you come across that same biome again in a new area.

So my solution is to implement several other noise maps to the terrain generator that change lots of other different variables in the world. Small things such as the following.

  • Spawnrate of Tall Grass and Flowers.

Straight forward. Some areas have a lot of grass and others have a lot of flowers.

  • Density of Trees

Trees spawn closer together. We can have jungles as sparse as savannahs and savannahs as dense as jungles.

  • Length of Tree Trunks.

Trees spawn taller or shorter. We can have forests with ten block high trees or forests with shrubby thickets. A nightmare to travel through.

  • Rarity of Water or Lava Lakes

The difference between a very smooth landscape and a very annoying one… Fishermen would be happy though.

  • Several noise and depth scales

Changes the basic shape of the terrain. Jragon experimented a bit in his video so i think it's worth a watch to get a good grasp of what it could mean.

  • Exposure of Stone and Dirt

Currently we only find stone exposed in extreme hill biomes and dirt exposed in Savannah Ms. But it would also be nice if other places could possibly have stone for a ground or coarse dirt. Realistically the entire planet isn't covered in strong fluffy grass.

Just imagine what the generator can create by mixing and matching so many values and variables. This could satisfy the demand for unique terrain for a long time without even adding biomes because it has the potential to create a world of variation in one single biome alone. Now imagine the system being applied to 36 biomes.

Even in a customized world where only one biome is selected, the world could still come out amazingly different. And thats why I have confidence in this idea. So give your thoughts on this. Could it work? Lets get the discussion going.

Submitted June 12, 2017 at 06:32PM by Eyebolaids
via reddit http://ift.tt/2tf2cH7

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