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PSA: No, Bukkit isn’t dead, and it basically never was. via /r/Minecraft

June 8, 2017

PSA: No, Bukkit isn’t dead, and it basically never was.

Every time a Spigot/Bukkit related post comes up on this subreddit there's the inevitable comment(s) in the post saying something along the lines of "wait, didn't Bukkit die years ago?" This post is meant to clear the air.

Bukkit was affected by a DMCA takedown request from Bukkit programmer Wesley Wolfe. This occurred right around 1.8's release (very early September 2014). Bukkit was "acquired" by Mojang as part of their hiring of most of its creators and higher ups a number of years back (these hirees include Dinnerbone and Grum). Most of the Bukkit team was unaware they were "working for Mojang" without being aware of it, making many of them angry and causing retaliation (i.e. the DMCA takedown). Wolfe felt he had rights to do that because they were distributing his code in a circumstance he didn't agree to or wasn't made fully aware of.

Mojang has never touched Bukkit past acquiring the rights to the projects through the hirings, however, and did not endorse Wolfe's actions nor even believe he had a right to perform them. You can read more about that and Mojang's stance in a post from Vu Bui (Mojang's COO) here.

In short, Bukkit "died" for a while until the community sorted itself out, partly due to the takedown and partly from so many programmers on the project abandoning ship. The team behind Spigot (which is an optimization-focused *fork of Bukkit) took over furthered development of the Bukkit API (and by extension CraftBukkit and Spigot), and the first release of 1.8 Bukkit came that November. They've gotten around the code distribution issue by forcing server owners to compile the Spigot JAR themselves; technically they don't distribute the code at all anymore, they just provide you the tools to do so and tell you exactly how to do it. It's a blatant loophole (which is a good thing).

Development never stopped, and even during that "dead period" of 2.5 months, we were all aware that Spigot was working on a fix. If anything it's healthier than ever, and the updates for the past four major versions have come faster than any update ever had even before the DMCA bonanza.

Hope that clears everything up.

*fork in this context means a separate branched-off version of a codebase that makes its own unique changes to its copy of the code without affecting the original.

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